Congestion Pricing

  • Congestion Pricing

    In case you have not yet heard, the NYC MTA voted to approve the proposed toll plan for the NYC Congestion Pricing program earlier today. The plan calls for charging trucks $24 or $36 (depending on size) every single time they enter the zone, while passenger vehicles will be charged only $15 once per day. They do provide discounts for overnight travel and certain bridge and tunnel crossings.

    TANY released the following statement immediately after the vote:

    “We are extremely disappointed by the MTA’s reckless decision to implement a congestion pricing policy that fails to prioritize essential cogs in New York City’s economic engine, including the trucking industry that moves nearly 90 percent of goods in the five boroughs. Make no mistake about it: this decision will have far-reaching impacts on New Yorkers everywhere, who will soon see increased prices for basic goods as motor carriers and the businesses they serve — including restaurants, bodegas, pharmacies, grocers, and everything in between – adjust to higher costs of doing business.


    “It did not have to be this way. The MTA could have chosen to exempt the supply chain from its plan, attempted to find a middle ground by introducing pricing parity with passenger vehicles, or even implemented a once-a-day cap on charges to trucks – all options we have repeatedly presented to senior leadership. Instead, it has forged ahead despite the significant concerns of the industry, elected officials on both sides of the Hudson River, and regular residents across the region. Millions of people will pay higher prices for goods and services as a result.


    “The trucking industry promises to continue fighting this policy and will explore all options, including litigation, to minimize the negative impact of this policy on New York City and its surrounding communities.”

    The next step for TANY is to begin the litigation process and we will keep everyone updated. During this process we will also continue to seek legislative relief – asking that the legislature amend the enabling legislation to provide for pricing parity with passenger vehicles.